LeBron James and the Traveling Circus

Where oh where will The King play next year. Will it be in purple and gold? Maybe he will suit up with the silver and black. He may even surprise everyone and just stay in Cleveland. Players around the league, along with media personalities, have chimed in. Spurs PG Dejounte Murray, as well as Nets PG D’Angelo Russell, believe King James will join the Spurs. Who really knows? Do you?

Speculation is the key to the media firestorm. Nobody knows what LeBron will do outside of himself and his family. My heart wants him to join the Spurs (that’s the fanboy in me) but my instinct tells me he will decide to take his talents to……LA. Sad to say but it just has that same feel as the year he broadcasted “The Decision”

That summer, Miami already had a superstar in Dwayne Wade and the cap room to sign two other superstars (by overhauling their roster). The Heat were able to sign both James and Bosh to create a “Super Team”. The Heat went on to win titles and LeBron started to cement his name in NBA history. This summer has the same feel to it when it comes to James.

The Lakers have the cap space to sign two superstars and also have the resources to trade for another. With assets such as Ingram, Kuzma, Ball and Randle, they could potentially package these players to create their own version of a “Super Team”. James would have be given the keys to Staples Center and also creative design on forming his own version of the Lakers. Here is what I think may happen:

  1. LeBron James signs with LA
  2. Chris Paul signs with LA
  3. Kawhi Leonard does a sign-trade deal. Lakers send Kuzma, Ingram, Randle and draft picks to SA.

So in my best opinion, the Traveling Circus LeBron has will end up parking itself in LA. Will this accumulate more titles for the Lakers? They would pose a threat to GS but it’s all about chemistry. Who knows what kind of future the Lakers would have with these three superstars. All we know is it looks like it may be a Hollywood ending for them.

(As I was writing this, word came out Kawhi wants to be traded. So now this maybe a possibility it seems.)

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